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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Year of the Chicken is Upon us

Yes, the Chicken has landed.  2016 is shaping up to be the best ski season we've had in several years.  We're already way ahead of where we were last year; for the whole season!  Welcome to earth, Chicken-in-the-Sky.

Anyway, the Bauer Loops were groomed today and were seeing very heavy use pretty much all day.  There is classic track set on pretty much all the lower loops. The parking lot didn't start clearing out until close to 4pm.  Way to get after it people!

The Rush Creek Loop - including the CC Road up to the turnaround - also got groomed today.  Thank you Brad and Tom!

As far as conditions go, Bauer is firm and pretty flat.  The heavy use it's getting means it will start to get choppy pretty quick.  We will re-groom as manpower allows.
Rush is still a bit on the soft side, with pole plants sometimes going toward China.  Still, the skating up there is pretty close to nirvana.  There is also classic track set on the CC Road all the way up to the turnaround.  The classic track is very soft in some places.  Soft enough to eat a ski or two here and there so please exercise caution and save yourself the humiliation of a sudden face plant (like the one I did).

Lots of volunteer labor today, with groomers Brad and Tom putting in a total of 9 hours.  Ersatz mechanics Peter, John and Joan racked up a total of 9.75 hours, plus phone and blog writing time for a grand total for the day of 20 hours.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Puoltry Panic? Never.

But pout, absolutely.  Mechanical issues are hurting at the moment.  Our roller is battered and the drive belts keep self-destructing on our newest machine.  So please pardon the delay in getting this fresh powder patted down.

Tomorrow, Thursday, should bring some fresh groomage to the area.  We appreciate your patience as we work through these issues.
UPDATE 7:40PM.  We have two groomers scheduled to start at 9am tomorrow - Thursday - so by mid-day things ought to be really looking good up there.  Just thought you all might like to know.

John put in 3 hours today grooming and machine packing prior to drive-belt self immolation.  Peter spent time running around getting parts and checking on the status of the machine in the repair shop.  About an hour, so log 4 hours volunteer labor today.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Yesterday's skate ski session on the Bauer Loops was a sublime experience.  The snow was amazing, the wax was exactly right, fresh firm corduroy from Brad and Philip (again!), overcast skies, snow loaded trees, squirrels and some elk sign.  The best winter has to offer, so close to home.  So far - to the best of my knowledge - The Bauer Loops are the only groomed terrain in the park.  The Rush Connector, Rush Creek Loop, and CC Road to the turnaround have been machine packed but not groomed as of this writing.  Hamlin hasn't been touched since mid-storm and may present some challenges.  We may wait a couple days to let some air come out of the snow before tackling Hamlin.

We have received some generous donations from individuals and local business, and we are truly grateful for the generosity.  In fact, we will consume far more to pay repair bills on the machine in the repair shop than we have received in donations this year.  So, just sayin' - your generosity at the donation box helps a lot.

Not a single name suggestion for Chicken-in-the-Sky.  I thought about upping the ante.  I toyed with a $500.00 reward for the winner.  But, fact is, I've thought about it long and hard and - like it or not - it has to stay Chicken-in-the-Sky.  So thanks for your non-participation.  Seriously.  Anyway, moving right along...

Yesterday, Brad (with a bit of the flu, no less), and Philip toiled mightily to keep conditions superb.  Their labor to groom as well as other time spent buying and delivering gas, collecting donations, bookkeeping etc. added up to 9.5 hours.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday Night Update

Today was a spectacular day in the poultry park.  The trees were loaded with snow, the trails were well occupied with happy skiers, the sky was crammed with that blue I've only ever seen here, and I could go on.  Did I mention cold?  I distinctly recall asking for snow and cold at the very onset of this year's blog.  You're welcome.  And thank you, Chicken-in-the-Sky.

Hey, let's have a contest.  If you can come up with a family-friendly name for the "Chicken-in-the-Sky", who seems to have wormed his or her way into this blog, take a guilt free trip around the ski area without stopping at the donation box.  But wait until you have been officially notified of your win, otherwise, PANG!  Leave your suggestion on the blog as a "comment".

Brad and Phil (heroic)and a pitiful contribution from Peter got the Bauer Loops rolled and groomed in time for a huge audience, with lots of smiles.  Joan shoveled snow like she was on fire, and of course, we picked up more gas for thirsty machines.  Total volunteer contribution for the day 11.25 hours.  Further groomage depends on volunteer availability.  We just added 2 more groomers to the pool - which was pretty shallow (though robust).  Welcome to Peter R. and David.  I will keep you all as up-to-date as sloth and ineptitude allows.  See you on the trails!!!

Chix-Mass Snow Storm

Chicken Central reporting in:

The Great Chicken-in-the-Sky saw fit to dump a lot of snow on our area, in case you haven't looked out a window recently.  Here's what we're doing about it-
  • Thursday, Christmas Eve, Brad and Phil groomed for hours in an attempt to keep up with the snow
  • Christmas Day, no one did a damn thing.  It was Christmas.
  • Today, the day after, efforts have begun anew to pack and roll the snow we have received.  Much effort will go toward getting the Bauer Loops packed, rolled and groomed.
  • Once the Bauer Loops are in ski-able condition we will turn our attention to the North end of the area.  Rush Creek Loop was rolled on Thursday and is the most likely candidate for "next-in-line" status.
  • After that, we'll open up the Chicken Creek Road up to the turnaround and then Hamlin Loop.  Most likely Hamlin is at least a couple days away, since it only received a little attention during the storm.
This is the weather we've been dreaming of for 6 years!  Hope to see you all up there with big frozen grins.  Brad and Phil added 11 hours of volunteer labor, and more on the way...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Choking on Snow!

Whiteout conditions at times today as the wind blew snow from the Pondos.  I guess the idea of moderation hasn't occurred to the Chicken in the Sky.  Anyway, the bird is fat and soft.

Donations may be sent by mail to:
Chicken Creek Cross Country
PO Box 111
Mancos, CO 81328

Conditions:  Tough to nail down, honestly.  There was a groomer out all afternoon today, and the Bauer Loops got rolled multiple times.  The snow was falling so fast it was impossible to keep up.  As of this moment, nothing beyond the Bauer Loops has been rolled.  Some machine packing took place higher up, so kick and gliders will like that.

If conditions permit, tomorrow more grooming will take place.  We'd love to get at least one upper loop groomed for the holiday, and if it's only one, it will be the Rush Creek Loop.  If we get a break in the snow dumping, possibly more.

Since the last blog entry, our intrepid groomer John put in several hours yesterday keeping the snow manageable.  John also got to change out a drive belt out on the trail; always a severe pleasure.  Thank you, john for being such a trooper.

I'd like to add a special THANK YOU to Dustin and Ray from Valley Repair in Mancos for making a "Coop Call" and checking on our main grooming rig, the one that ate a belt yesterday.  These guys have been fantastic in helping us keep our fleet going.  Give them a big Chicken Hug next time you see them, or at least a big smile and "thanks".

John put in about 5.5 hours of volunteer time yesterday, and not to be outdone, Peter put in 7 hours today, including about 4.5 hours of machine time.  So a total of 12.5 hours for the past 2 days.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Here it comes!

If the weather service is right (have they ever been wrong?) then we are going to get more snow through Wednesday, and possibly more after that.  The white Christmas of your chicken dreams is about to come true.  Possibly in spades, which are of course, anything but white - but that's another story for another blog.

Anyway.  We suffered our first casualty of the season, with one of our machines dead near the very top of the ski area.  That's the bad news.

The good is that currently everything has been rolled at least one time now.  With any luck, that means we'll be able to keep packing through this storm cycle.  With a bit more luck we'll be able to open the Hamlin Loop and the Chicken Creek Road up to the turnaround in time for folk to test out their new Christmas skis on THE BIG DAY.  Right now both Bauer Loops and Rush Creek Loop are open.

I'll do my best to keep the blog updated through the storm cycle.  Because we are mean and lean (read: understaffed and just scraping by financially) please don't expect fresh corduroy every trip to the area.  We'll do our best with the resources we have.  Of course your generosity at the donation box helps a ton and is always appreciated.

Anyone interested in volunteer opportunities may call Peter at nine seven zero 533-1605.  Don't "reply" if you received this as an email.  I have no idea where those go.  Sitting in a computer in Oregon choking up a bunch of storage, probably.  One day I'll get it together and figure out how this computer thingy works.  For now, just call.  Thanks.

Tom and Peter groomed today for another 6.5 hours of volunteer labor for y'alls benefit.  Bauer is looking really good and when the dust settles we'll get a classic track installed.  Add to the labor gift another 8 hours of time moving the machines from summer storage to the repair shop and then to the ski area.  Thank you Brad, John Joan, Peter and Hank.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Happy Hen; Cheerful Chicken

A tasty snow feast awaits skiers!  One again, volunteer groomers (massively aided by "the big guns" from the AGENCY TO REMAIN NAMELESS) toiled long and hard to bring the recent snowfall into choice gliding.  As of today, the area is officially open for business; complete with donation box.  (Did I mention the donation box?)

Upper and Lower Little Bauer Loops are well groomed and firm.  As mentioned in a previous entry, the rutted road surface under the snow precludes an even surface in several sections.  Nonetheless, with only one significant snow event to groom, we are in surprisingly good shape.  Bauer Loops can honestly be classified as "Good to Very Good."

Rush Creek Loop was also rolled and groomed today and the west leg is also "Good to Very Good" and beyond.  I saw some big smiles up there today.  The Chicken Creek Road, which makes up the Eastern leg of the Rush loop has some thin sections.  Significant warmth and/or sunshine will rot it quickly, especially the lower, steep south-facing stretch.  Be advised.  Up and back on the west leg may be the best choice for now.  The road section up there is also compromised by deep vehicle ruts underlying the snow.  Hey, not complaining, just reporting.

John, Philip, and Peter (sounds so biblical) were at it for about 4.5 hours, so log another 13.5 volunteer hours towards your fun in the sun.  We burned about $60 in gas today.  (I'm not even going to jinx the machines by praising their - oh never mind).

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Snow Job Follow-up

Thanks to the efforts of Allen, John and Peter we finally got some grooming done.  Thanks guys, for 9 hours of volunteer labor (combined).

Due to their efforts, the Bauer Loops are packed and groomed.  This is no Kentucky Colonel snow, though.  Light and fluffy and no grease at all.  SO.  While you won't have to slog through a foot of snow to ski, conditions are far from firm.  Skating will be a challenge, for now.  We are hatching a plan to re-groom on Thursday.  After that, things should improve.  The condition of the road underneath the snow - badly rutted - means skiers ought not expect a glass-smooth surface.  Another couple storms should help facilitate better conditions.  (Did you hear that, great Chicken-in-the-Sky?)

Meanwhile:  We groom for skiers.  Please do not walk on the groomed surface unless you are wearing snowshoes.  Feel free to share that message with anyone who may not be aware (in a kind, gentle, loving and compassionate kind of way, of course).

The snow up high on the Rush Creek Trail resisted our grooming efforts, as it's just too dang deep - close to 3 feet deep in wind loaded areas.  We have asked for - and received a commitment for - help getting that snow pushed down.  That is scheduled for Thursday.  If you hear a bunch of grunting and groaning coming from the higher reaches of the area on Thursday, that's just us trying to get our equipment unstuck.

I'll follow up with more chicken MacNuggets when I can...

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Snow job in the Poultry Park

We asked for cold and snow.  We got both.

We'll have three groomers up at the area today trying to take advantage of the fresh snow.  The snow is light and fluffy - perfect for downhill skiing and not so perfect for trying to establish a base for Nordic skiing.  Shed no chicken tears, though.  We'll take it.

Whether or not we have sufficient snow to fill the ruts on the Bauer Loop remains to be seen.  I will follow up with a post-groom report as soon as possible.  I understand there is pent-up demand.  We'll do our best.  Another storm to follow this one would go a long way.  Nothing on the radar at the moment.  Things change.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Snow glad to see ya!

Finally, a little skiff to whet our whistles.  Not enough to do much with yet, sorry to report.  But we will be moving the grooming equipment up there today in anticipation of more snow on Monday, followed by cold temperatures.

Cross your wishbones and wax your skis.  It's about time. (?)

Monday, November 30, 2015

New Nordic Website for the San Juans

Lance Webster has recently created a website encompassing all things Nordic in the San Juan (South) region.  Great information and some fun things as well.  Please check it out when you get a chance.

Still not enough snow to do anything up at the Chicken Creek Ski Area.  With the cold temps, there is still snow on the ground in many places.  We do need more snow to make this work, however.  We'll do our best to keep you posted.  As of this writing, there is no mention of snow in the 7-day forecast.

On the happy side, the skiing has been superb up at Lizard Head Pass.  The Trout Lake RR grade has been in lovely shape for skating or diagonal stride.  It's a lot of miles to ski, but worth it until something closer to home shapes up.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Chicken Creek Needs Some Help. Can You?

Our dedicated staff of volunteer groomers (most of whom also serve on the board) met last night to prepare for the upcoming season.  We decided we could use some help, so I'm putting this out there to you all, hoping perhaps a few can help.  If you can not, but know someone who might want to, feel free to forward this entry.

Things we'd love help with:
  • Snow
  • Cold temperatures
  • Volunteer groomers
  • A Facebook presence.  Do you love Facebook?  Are you good at connecting with people in that forum?  In an effort to increase our web presence, we'd love to talk to you about getting us up and running in that world (about which all of us appear to be stunningly ignorant).
  • A Twitter feed.  (Whatever that may be.  See previous entry).
  • A public relations person who could help increase our exposure in more traditional media outlets; press, radio, etc.
  • A high-energy, enthusiastic person to spearhead Development (that means raising money).  This person would contact businesses, write grants, and or organize fund-raising events.
That is an incomplete list, but I think it gets the main idea across.  We perennially struggle to meet our expenses, despite heavy usage at the area.  When we do apply for grants, grantors always want to see "in-kind" contributions from the community.  So if you love skiing at Chicken Creek, and have been pining for a way to give back, here it is.  Contact Peter at 970-533-1605.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tastes Like Chicken

Really fantastic skiing up the Transfer road today.  The San Juan Sledders groom about 80 miles up in the forest there for snowmobiles.  The sun was getting after it, of course.  The track was considerably softer on my way out than it was going up.  I saw very few snow machines (2), only one fat bike rider ( I mean he wasn't, it's the tires), and no other skiers.  Oh yeah, and a dog sled team of 10 dogs and followed by a grinning woman.

I only saw one bare spot poking through this afternoon.  I'm guessing the weekends may be much busier in terms of motor-driven traffic.  If you go wear bright colors and watch out.  They go really fast.

Chicken gets demotion, Transfer

The Chicken got the short end of the snow stick this past storm cycle, and the bare spots are showing through already.

Kick and glide skiers should do just fine over the next couple days, but the warm sun is going to melt it out quickly.  Grooming activity is suspended for now, but keep an eye on the blog for updates.

Brad notified me last night (Wednesday) that the road to Transfer Campground was groomed last night.  Duty calls and I'm going to investigate that this morning.  I will report later with my findings.  That forest service road has little charm compared with Chicken Creek, but it beats driving to Lizard Head Pass for some skiing.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Poultry In Motion

Today the Bauer Loops got groomed again, just as things were warming up.  The snow falling as grooming commenced turned into something closer to rain by the time grooming was complete.  Still, the track is in decent shape and the skating was good, though a bit tiring due to the high moisture content of the snow.  Coverage is complete for now.  That may not last if things get any warmer.

We'll keep a close eye on the weather and groom some more if we feel conditions warrant it.  It was nice to see a full parking lot and plenty of people taking advantage of the snow today.  Hungry for winter, hungry for the Chicken.

Snow Kidding!

Kudos to Brad for getting on the fresh snow.  The skating was good - not perfect - but no complaints.  Only the Bauer Loops are groomed presently.  And as of last night - Saturday - there was about 2+ inches of snow on top of the groomed track; probably more than that now.  We will attempt to rally the troops and take advantage of this snow.  Stay tuned to the blog for more updates.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Snow, Old Machine, Fresh Tracks

Some good news for all of you champing at the bit to ski this fresh snow:  Brad fired up the only machine left at the trailhead (a 20 year old Polaris) and groomed the two lower loops with the roller.  I cannot make any judgement calls on the quality of the skiing experience until I have sampled the snow myself.  A good excuse to get off my bloggy butt and go ski.
According to the weather service, this storm will be around for a few more days before blowing out on Tuesday.  At least that's the prediction.  Looks like a slow warming trend follows, but if we get some more snow now, we may be able to keep it ski-able through next weekend.
Check in with the blog in a day or two for updates, and I'll do my best to keep everyone informed.

Happy winter.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sad, sunny day with snow

Your blogger assisted in the season wrap-up today, which involved removing the grooming machines from the trail head, taking down signs, etc.  There is far more dirt than snow on the trails at present, and it seemed prudent to take action now.  The likelihood of receiving enough snow to ski again this season seems remote, and so we pulled the plug.  The angle of the sun has risen to a point where it would take more than one snow storm and plenty of cloudy days to build up a substantial base again.  The (Chicken) salad days are behind us, for this season anyway.

Casualty report:
Our newest machine, with less than 300 miles on it is being taken into the dealer tomorrow.  The track is completely seized up and may require major repairs.  I will follow up when I have more information.  These machines come with a one-year warranty and so we will be footing the bill for whatever it may cost.  With any luck, the dealer will have some mercy but there is no guarantee.

Snow.  As we were putting things up for the summer, it began to snow.  Mother nature messing us around again.  Anyway, we didn't let it ruin our day.  Let us hope these past couple seasons do not augur a "new normal" here in the southwest corner of the state.

Our sincere thanks to those of you who found generosity in your hearts and wallets to help us out with the significant expenses of maintaining a groomed trail.  May next season be a banner year for snow.  Until then...

...time to plan the garden!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Oh Woe, No Snow; Say it isn't so...

Well folks
Things are looking grim up there at Chicken Creek.  At least in the snow department.  The trees and squirrels seem to be holding up alright.  But alas, it is snow we need, and soon, if we are to salvage the rest of the season.  The weather forecast promises nothing helpful.  Temperatures look to be climbing over the next few days.

You never really know.  Things could turn around.  But for now, unless there is another blog posting I'm afraid you can assume the worst:  the chicken is thawed.

Large patches of ground are showing through, even on the higher loops.  If you don't mind skiing around those patches, or putting your skis on and off several times during the ski, then you'll be just fine.  Except of course for the fact that the downhill sections are little more than luge run death traps. 

The Bauer loop got groomed yesterday, to some effect.  But really people, if you feel compelled to ski up there, please exercise extreme caution.  Conditions can only be described as poor to fair.  At least by an honest person.  Ski resorts might say something like "Spring-Like Conditions."  Yeah, right.  Just be careful and perhaps resign yourself to walking.

Thanks for the support this year and with any luck, we'll be back at it soon.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Frayed Feathers and Scratched Skis

The Chicken is taking a thrashing with the sun and warm temperatures over the past couple days.  The new snow we received on Tuesday simply was not enough to keep the chicken out of hot water.  And so my friends, I regret to announce there will be no additional grooming in advance of the weekend.  The track is getting somewhat chewed up, especially by the folk who walk down the middle of the groomed track in their boots.  In a perfect world, these people would walk way off to the side. Hint, hint.

And so, the Bauer Loop is in Fair to Good condition as of this writing.  By Sunday afternoon, it may well be on life support.  Upper loops are doing OK - good snow depth and coverage but still rather soft - but we cannot even get the grooming equipment up to them to polish them up because of the very thin snow down below.

I'm not ready to write this Chicken's eulogy just yet.  Skiing over the weekend should be alright, but if you use kick wax, you'll probably need to break out the Klister.  We may need to start planning this bird's funeral by Monday, though.  Even if the season is over (please, may it not be over) we did better than last winter.  Progress.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Some Classic Track set Today!

Hey Skiers:
John got out there this morning (Wednesday) as promised and groomed the upper terrain we packed on Tuesday evening.

So.  Bauer is groomed, Rush connector is groomed with a classic track set.  That track actually extends all the way up the road to the top of the Hamlin Loop. Rush Creek and the road up to the top are also groomed (no classic track).

We know it would be popular to have classic track on the Bauer Loop, but snow depth is currently inadequate to accommodate.

Have at it, skiers!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Soggy Chicken for Breakfast

The ski area got a load of heavy, wet snow overnight Monday and the skiing is notably improved in that the rocks and mud are now buried.  This seems like a good thing.  To me.

Peter and Philip Ayers got a jump on the grooming starting this afternoon (Tuesday).  Bauer Loop is groomed and ought to be in nice shape come Wednesday morning.  Rush and the Road to the top got machine packed but are not yet groomed.  Groomer John says he's planning on being up there about 8:30 AM Wednesday, so there could be some righteous skating on portions of the upper terrain by mid-to-late morning.  The upper reaches of the area received closer to 10 inches out of the storm, as opposed to about 6 at the parking lot.

When I say Bauer is groomed, I should clarify.  The "Mad Max" section through the smoldering slash heaps is not groomed and will not be groomed until we get a bunch more snow.  The fire melted the snow completely off the track.  The overall effect is kind of "sci-fi." You can ski around the melt-out, if you are interested.

Sad to say, the weather forecast is not promising, ergo, neither is the poultry prognostication.  We should squeak a few more days out of this with the new snow, but we're in for more warm, sunny stuff.  If you detect an undertone of whine, you are mighty perceptive.  This teasing is tiring.  Get it while it's (sort of) good.  No snow in the forecast.  No time to waste...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes

Anyone who has been up to the area lately knows the Chicken is looking pretty toasty these days.  Plenty of rocks, roots, pine-cones and gravely mud showing through and adding to the excitement up there.  And just when things are at their bleakest, along comes a storm.  At least that's what the forecast calls for.  And there may be significant accumulations Monday and into Tuesday.  With warm temperatures called for, the snow may more closely resemble mashed potatoes than the nice light powder we got last time.  Still, we'll take what we can get.

We will watch the action closely from a grooming stand point.  But fair warning: the most likely scenario involves waiting for the snow to finish falling before any grooming happens.  We simply don't have the base layer of snow to allow us to get out there early in the storm.  Stay tuned to the blog and I will do my best to keep it fresh during the snowfall.

We need to thank the donors.  Those of you who heeded the call for donations at the box, our hats are off to you.  Donations surged ahead after the blog plea and the trail-head posting which detailed our scanty take at the box office.  We still don't know what the repairs are going to cost on the yellow machine, so please continue with your generosity of spirit (and wallet).

Until the snow flies, signing off...

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Still Better Than it Could Be / Snowbike Position Elucidated

Yes, the bones are beginning to show through already.  But, the skiing at Chicken Creek is still really pretty darn tasty.  The days have stayed reasonably cool, with nights in the single digits.  With predicted highs in the upper thirties to mid forties over the next several days  the Chicken could get a bit stale.

There was an outpouring of generosity at the donation box today, and we saw lots of new faces up there, as well as plenty of the familiar.  Thanks for your donations and please keep them coming.  In case you forgot to pick up an envelope at the trail head, the address to send checks to is:

Chicken Creek Cross Country
PO Box 111
Mancos, CO 81328

We had a machine go down again on Friday evening.  We don't know what the cost of repairs may be, but it's never cheap.

Please remember that dogs are not allowed on any terrain above the gate on the Rush Connector.  Signage is minimal at present but we'll get them re-posted.
Also, please do not walk down the middle of the groomed track in boots.  The very edge of the track, either side, is kinder to the track.

As to the issue of Snowbikes on the track our official position is as follows:  We actively encourage people to ride snowbikes on other groomed terrain, such as the Transfer Campground road.  If the track is very firm and no damage is done no one will complain too loudly.  However, soft trails have already suffered some moderate damage this year as a result of bike travel.  Please respect the work of the groomer volunteers and the skiers who have been supporting this area for decades.  Don't mess with the Chicken and no one has a hissy-fit.  Yes, it looks like fun.  No, it is not strictly prohibited.  Yet.  Please exercise due caution and personal responsibility.  And bikers, feel free to make a generous contribution at the donation box as well.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Grooming report & Parking lot full; Donation box empty

Alright, the good news first:  Bauer Loops, Rush connector, and the Rush loop were all groomed by the trio of dauntless groomers Brad, John and Peter.  There is now classic track set all over the joint, so enjoy.

Meanwhile, back at the donation box, very little seems to be happening.  This situation is truly not sustainable.  Gas, repairs, etc.  I know you all are as sick of hearing this as I am of writing it, but fact is we rely on your donation to keep machines going.  No one earns a dime doing the grooming or anything else going on up there.  You regular skiers, please talk up the donation box to the visitors you see using the area.  Last weekend there were lots of folk from the Durango area Saturday and Sunday and I won't even recount the abysmal take at the box.  Works out to about 37 cents per person.  Quite a smokin' deal for all the non-payers, but as I mentioned, something's got to give.

We just put out over $3,100 in machine repairs this year.  We rely on your generosity.  Please.  Thank You.

We got about 4-6 inches of new snow up there and conditions are pretty good for the most part.  It really wasn't the storm we had hoped for and we're really just kind of hanging on, snow-wise.  We tried to open up the Turkey Creek loop tonight, but coverage is simply inadequate.  And no new snow in the forecast.  Things should be fine through the weekend, but after that it's anyone's guess.  Those of you who believe in the power of prayer, please get to it.  We need all the help we can get.

Enjoy it while it's good...