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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Season's Kick (and glide) Off

It must be winter since there are lots of grown men in tights on the TV chasing a small pigskin ball around an unnaturally green rectangle with odd marking on it.  Seems to happen every year about this time.

Winter means snow and cold, which in turn facilitates strapping slippery boards to your feet and going fast up and down hills.  Or going casually or leisurely through the trees with said boards on feet.

Groomer Gabfest
The unbelievably dedicated volunteer groomers met today to discuss the season and get a look at new toys for getting the heavy machines unstuck.  Hank, the Godfather of the Grooming Squad, spent many hours this summer getting our snow machines in tip-top shape.  When you see him on the trail give him a big smile and thanks.  He is the backbone of the machine end of things at the ski area.  The good news for everyone else is that by noon tomorrow - Monday Dec 9 - there will be some grooming done.  Preliminary work on getting the trails groomed will commence in the morning hours and, if the groomers' faces don't fall of from the extreme cold, the rest of us can start the season on some new corduroy by Noon or thereabouts.   We plan to have three machines out for two to three hours. 

Clearly many of you could not wait for the grooming to begin and there were many cars in the parking lot today.  Excited about snow.  Yes!

Let the skiing begin!