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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Grooming Report Nov. 29

Snow. Cold. I think it's winter. Chicken Creek Ski Area received about one foot of snow from these last two storms, and there's substantially more than that up higher.

Hank, John and Peter got on it today and started track packing with the snowmobiles and even laid down a little corduroy.

Lower Little Bauer Loop is groomed, and should be good for skiing, though perhaps a bit choppy in spots. The Upper section of Little Bauer is "roughed in," meaning it was tracked packed and rolled; but the deeper snow and quick job means it is noot as finished as the lower loop.

Rush Creek Loop, including the road, got track packed and rolled. The road is in pretty gnarly shape though, as someone put foot-deep ruts in the mud this fall. It will take some time - and lots of snow - to iron that mess out. The rest of Rush Creek Loop should be pretty decent though.

This week will be a kind of calculated gamble, as far as deciding how much grooming to do. There are warm, sunny days lurking in the tail end of the week which could easily melt quite a bit of this snow. We will watch closely and groom prudently. But the limited resources we have must be utilized to maximum benefit for the duration of the season.

We will keep you posted...