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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anticipating the Coming Season / Call for Help

Believe it or not the hardworking board of the Chicken Creek Cross Country Ski Area are already in full swing in order to make yet another ski season happen for everyone.
Towards that end, we have three requests for our happy readers:

  • If you happen to be out hiking or biking on the Hamlin Loop (Hamlin especially, but anywhere we ski up there would be good)  in the next couple weeks, please help us move the recently cut brush, rocks, passed out cows, or any other trail obstacles you encounter, off the path.  You can even make a special trip of it - a pre-season party - if you like.  We won't mind.
  • We are now planning our groomers meeting for the volunteer groomers.  Anyone interested and able to spend time and energy grooming the trails please respond to this entry.  We'll provide free training!  You could also call Peter at 533-1605.
  • Don't forget to join!  Membership rates are ridiculously cheap at $50  for individuals, $90  for families, $150 for "Sponsor," or $200 for "Benefactor."  Of course if you want to give more, that is acceptable too.  Make checks payable to Chicken Creek Ski Corp (CCSC) and send them to PO Box 111  Mancos, CO 81328
Thanks for your support!