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Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Snow, Old Machine, Fresh Tracks

Some good news for all of you champing at the bit to ski this fresh snow:  Brad fired up the only machine left at the trailhead (a 20 year old Polaris) and groomed the two lower loops with the roller.  I cannot make any judgement calls on the quality of the skiing experience until I have sampled the snow myself.  A good excuse to get off my bloggy butt and go ski.
According to the weather service, this storm will be around for a few more days before blowing out on Tuesday.  At least that's the prediction.  Looks like a slow warming trend follows, but if we get some more snow now, we may be able to keep it ski-able through next weekend.
Check in with the blog in a day or two for updates, and I'll do my best to keep everyone informed.

Happy winter.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sad, sunny day with snow

Your blogger assisted in the season wrap-up today, which involved removing the grooming machines from the trail head, taking down signs, etc.  There is far more dirt than snow on the trails at present, and it seemed prudent to take action now.  The likelihood of receiving enough snow to ski again this season seems remote, and so we pulled the plug.  The angle of the sun has risen to a point where it would take more than one snow storm and plenty of cloudy days to build up a substantial base again.  The (Chicken) salad days are behind us, for this season anyway.

Casualty report:
Our newest machine, with less than 300 miles on it is being taken into the dealer tomorrow.  The track is completely seized up and may require major repairs.  I will follow up when I have more information.  These machines come with a one-year warranty and so we will be footing the bill for whatever it may cost.  With any luck, the dealer will have some mercy but there is no guarantee.

Snow.  As we were putting things up for the summer, it began to snow.  Mother nature messing us around again.  Anyway, we didn't let it ruin our day.  Let us hope these past couple seasons do not augur a "new normal" here in the southwest corner of the state.

Our sincere thanks to those of you who found generosity in your hearts and wallets to help us out with the significant expenses of maintaining a groomed trail.  May next season be a banner year for snow.  Until then...

...time to plan the garden!