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Friday, December 31, 2010

News from Nordic Center at Purgatory

The Nordic Center at Purgatory will be holding a women's skate clinic Saturday, January 1st at 1pm. There will be classes for all levels of skiers. Equipment rentals are available on site. The cost of the clinic is $15 for Nordic season pass holders or $25 for other skiers. For more information please call 385 2114.

Frozen Chicken Report

This morning we had 2 brave volunteers willing to freeze their tail feathers off for your skiing pleasure. Alan and Peter fired up the sleds to pack down the additional 5-6 fresh inches of snow on the Bauer loops.

CONDITIONS: Only the Little Bauer Loops are groomed, but they are Finger-lickin', stick clickin', pole-diggin' good. Really quite nice; a tad soft, and it will take a little while to level the trail out, but the snow feels Great! Cold and forgiving, but firming up fast as the temperatures head for the south side of zero.

We are anticipating some assistance from the Forest Service early next week so we can open up more terrain. Please check back often to see where we're at with that.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Get out the COLD snow wax

The entire Bauer loop is groomed and ready to ski, and at least part of it has a classic track set as well. With so much snow falling all at once it may be a little while before we can fully groom more terrain, but we are working on it. Anyone out there have a snow cat they're not using at the moment?

Our groomers (all volunteers) report that there are about 24 new inches of snow at the Bauer Loop. There is probably substantially more at the upper reaches of the area.

Many thanks to our groomers today for a stellar job; John, Tom R., Brad and Andy - a job well done!

Ketchup on your Chicken?

My dad always used to repeat this little ditty when the ketchup (catsup?) bottle made an appearance on the kitchen table

Curses on the
Ketchup bottle

None will come
and then a lot'll

This ketchup bottle, posing as a winter storm, has unleashed its load on the ski area. This is only a preliminary report, more details to follow. But I wanted to let all you anxious skiers know that yes indeed, the groomers have been busy grooming the ski area. My understanding is that the Little Bauer loop is track packed and groomed, and I believe that is all for the moment.

I will provide more information as updates become available. Please check back for further updates. And please, no catsup on MY chicken, please; I like chicken.