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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tonight's the night!

Alright fans, this is it! Don't forget the Millwood Follies are tonight.  Here are some of the fabulous prizes on offer:
  • $50 gift cert P&D grocery
  • $37 gift basket Singing River farm
  • $40 massage from Janice Hall
  • $50 Cellar cuts hair salon gift cert
  • $30 gift cert Dolores River Brewery
  • $40 dinner Millwood Junction
  • $50 gift basket Ska Brewery
This is but a SMALL SAMPLING!

There will be a LIVE auction for three packages including these items:
  • Overnight stays at the General Palmer Hotel in Durango
  • Free passes for the Narrow Guage Railroad from Durango to Silverton
  • Dinner at Ken & Sue's, Durango
  • Tickets to the Bruce Cockburn concert in May
  • Overnight stays at the Doubletree in Durango
  • Dinner at East by Southwest in Durango
And much much more!

Also tons of Silent Auction items, including dinner at the Kennebec Cafe, beautiful local jewelery, sports equipment, musical instruments, coffee gift basket, a pizza party catered for 10, AND MUCH MORE!

Don't you dare miss it...