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Thursday, March 8, 2012

OMG! What happened to that chicken?


Hank groomed everything 2 days ago.  So much for up-to-the-minute bloggerman.

Conditions:  Icy in the morning, surprise.  Slushy in the afternoon, though today might be pretty good in the late morning to early afternoon window, since it's supposed to stay pretty cool all day - predicted high of 36.

Some large bare spots opening up, and with each passing day less likelihood that we'll be able to groom again this season.  Do chickens cry?  Or do they accept the passing season with perfect equanimity?

The upper trails ought to be in relatively fine feather.  It's a matter of getting to them, possibly walking around the bare spots.

Have you planted your onions yet?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Plucking the feathers

Just a quick notice to let all you hungry skiers know that conditions at Chicken Creek are what the ski areas euphemistically refer to as "Spring Skiing."  In other words, alternately icy, slushy, sticky, scary and generally not-so-awesome.  Bare spots are emerging in the usual places, the warm days are creating a rutted out layer of ice in the mornings, etc. etc.

This begs the question "why don't the trails get groomed more often, to improve the surface?"
I'm glad you asked.  The grooming does improve the surface - temporarily.  Sadly, it also results in the more rapid melting of what little snow cover we have.  The only long-term solution to the problem is a good dose of snow, followed by consistently cold days and nights.  What do you think the odds of that are?  There is a chance of some snow coming up and we will keep an eye on it to see if we can extend the skiing a bit more.  That would be fantastic.  Stay tuned...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bi-Polar Chicken

Sorry to be so late in the day with the grooming report, but life just kept on happening today.  Anyway, here it is:

Cap and Peter fired up the stinky grooming machines early this morning and laid down some nice corduroy on the Bauer Loops, The Rush Connector, The Road to the top, and the Rush Creek Loop.  Everything mentioned got fresh classic track as well.  Current conditions as of this afternoon were good to excellent.

Still needing attention are Hamlin - which was severely blown in at the top - and the west Turkey Creek leg.  With the very warm temperatures in the forecast it remains to be seen whether those two legs will receive any further attention this season.

About the bi-polar comment.  The snow was super friendly on the way up, while it was still cool and fresh.  It was a bit crabby/grabby and temperamental on the way down.  A bit hot and cold, you might say.  Nevertheless, it was a worthy late-season skiing experience.  I suggest you try it tomorrow.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Good morning: Saturday.  Frosty.  Really.
Mark and Allen groomed Yesterday - Friday.  Really they did.  Then the wind de-groomed.  This morning, Cap and the groomer yet to be named, will be re-grooming.  Unless their faces fall off.

This is just a heads up.  No details available as the grooming hasn't happened yet.  But it probably definitely might.  Could be happening now, as you read this.  Time is so relative...

Uncle Chicken.