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Monday, March 22, 2010

Chicken On Ice

As you folks have undoubtedly noticed, the weather has warmed considerably (Yeah!) which has put the ski area grooming on ice. Most likely, there will be no further grooming this season. But what a season we had, I mean - come on folks, let's give Ullr a great big hand. (Pause for applause).

Thank you, thank you. Many thanks are due to all the folks who make the Chicken "cluck," and a future blog will address that issue. For now, I just wanted to advise folks that:
  1. The ski area is not "closed." Go, and if you can find enough snow, ice and slush to move around on, have at it.
  2. Unless we have an extended cold front with lots of precipitation, we're done grooming. Even then, there are no guarantees.

The Chicken has left the building. Get out your running shoes, roller blades, bikes, climbing gear, backpacks, hiking boots, volleyball nets, whatever. Enjoy the summer.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend Grooming Report

In an apparent attempt to debunk the global warming position, we have been having quite a string of winter weather. The plot is about to unravel, however, as the trend looks to be for quite a bit of warmth and sun, once we get past this little weekend "thing."

Today: Both Bauer loops were groomed, as was Road 41 from the picnic table up to the Rush Spur. New classic track was also set on all but one short leg of Bauer, as things were getting a bit mushed up.

Tomorrow: The plan is to have more terrain groomed early in the morning. Not sure exactly where Tom is planning on going, but it will be obvious when it's done.

IF the weather forecast is accurate (a mighty big if) then it seems reasonable to assume the end is near. The chicken has grown fat and happy, but the butcher is approaching.
Don't forget that you need to mess around with your clocks Sunday night and kiss an hour's sleep goodbye.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grooming Report, or the chicken that wouldn't stop laying white eggs

Well skiers, what is there to say. We've been asking Ullr for snow for so many years that it seems this year we could not be denied. Tom Groomed Sunday, and then John groomed yesterday.

Here's my understanding of what got groomed yesterday:
Both of the Little Bauer Loops
Road 41 from the picnic table to Rush spur
Rush connector
Classic track set around the perimeter

We keep saying this, but this may (or may not!) be the last hurrah, with temps in the 50's predicted after the snow stops. So if you can, get up there this week since there's plenty of good, fresh snow.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Grooming Update

It's not the end of the week, it's the beginning of the weekend. And the area got about 2-3 inches of fresh snow last night to help freshen things up. Ace groomer Andy was up there today grooming the Bauer loops as well as the Rush connector. The plan is to have another groomer up there tomorrow morning to groom more of the terrain. Stay tuned for more updates...