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Monday, November 30, 2015

New Nordic Website for the San Juans

Lance Webster has recently created a website encompassing all things Nordic in the San Juan (South) region.  Great information and some fun things as well.  Please check it out when you get a chance.

Still not enough snow to do anything up at the Chicken Creek Ski Area.  With the cold temps, there is still snow on the ground in many places.  We do need more snow to make this work, however.  We'll do our best to keep you posted.  As of this writing, there is no mention of snow in the 7-day forecast.

On the happy side, the skiing has been superb up at Lizard Head Pass.  The Trout Lake RR grade has been in lovely shape for skating or diagonal stride.  It's a lot of miles to ski, but worth it until something closer to home shapes up.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Chicken Creek Needs Some Help. Can You?

Our dedicated staff of volunteer groomers (most of whom also serve on the board) met last night to prepare for the upcoming season.  We decided we could use some help, so I'm putting this out there to you all, hoping perhaps a few can help.  If you can not, but know someone who might want to, feel free to forward this entry.

Things we'd love help with:
  • Snow
  • Cold temperatures
  • Volunteer groomers
  • A Facebook presence.  Do you love Facebook?  Are you good at connecting with people in that forum?  In an effort to increase our web presence, we'd love to talk to you about getting us up and running in that world (about which all of us appear to be stunningly ignorant).
  • A Twitter feed.  (Whatever that may be.  See previous entry).
  • A public relations person who could help increase our exposure in more traditional media outlets; press, radio, etc.
  • A high-energy, enthusiastic person to spearhead Development (that means raising money).  This person would contact businesses, write grants, and or organize fund-raising events.
That is an incomplete list, but I think it gets the main idea across.  We perennially struggle to meet our expenses, despite heavy usage at the area.  When we do apply for grants, grantors always want to see "in-kind" contributions from the community.  So if you love skiing at Chicken Creek, and have been pining for a way to give back, here it is.  Contact Peter at 970-533-1605.