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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grooming Report as of 2/19/09 1:39 pm

Please be advised that as of 2/19/09 1:39 pm.
All trails were covered, groomed and in good shape.
Enjoy !

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

grooming update and news from Feb. 10 via John

The news is that we have15-18 inches at the p-lot and about 2 feet on the upper trails. We have continued to roll the new snow (groomers: Peter, Barry, Hank, Jim, and John) with the rest of the crew to come as the storms keep coming.
As we feared the Black machine appears to have died out on the trails, so we are down to one machine. The good news is that the Kubota dealer in gem village is trying to help us out with their modified tractor system for grooming ski trails that we may be able to demo for a while. It should be stressed to the e-mail group and blog that the cost of reviving the machine we have could be very high and contribitions to off-set that as well as the letters of support we have been asking for are very important. We have spoken to the kubota dealer ( southwest ag (SWAG)) about working with them on a potential grant to use this very nice equipment in the future.
That is why the letters stressing the overall positive influence CC has on the community as well as the county is very important in the grant process

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Grooming Report for Sunday, February 1st

The forecast is not very encouraging for more snow for the next week.
SO... until we get more snow, the Bauer loop will be groomed every day. The
upper loops will be groomed about 3X a week. Think Snow!!

We have SUPER Groomers. Thank you Jim, Chris, Aaron, Brad, John, Andy,
Barry, Hank, Tom and any other groomer I might have omitted.

Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday on Chicken Creek's Super Tracks!