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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pre-Storm Prognostications

 The Map Again

That poor bird was all covered in ice today, so Peter B fired up the groomer contraption and made the Bauer Loops all sweet and pretty.  So if you're lucky enough to have Fridays off you might take your skis to the area tomorrow and glide on some lovely track.  Thought you might want to know.

Also, there is a nice weather system moving in beginning tonight and continuing through the weekend (at least).  We will make every effort to keep the snow groomed over the storm's duration, but manpower is looking to be an issue.  We'll do the best we can.

Today 5.5 volunteer hours were spent repairing a grooming device, grooming the lower loops, fetching fuel, and administrative duties.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In Fine Feather

The Chicken is looking good!  The Bauer Loops got touched up today as a result of some rescue work we did today, so bonus for all you skiers.  The track is looking quite good, although the snow is getting thin in the usual trouble spots.  The Rush Loop is looking pretty good but the road to the turnaround and the Hamlin Loop both need some attention before they'll be very good for skating.  We hope to accomplish that grooming prior to the upcoming weekend, possibly on Friday.  Stay tuned to the blog for updates.

A total of 11 volunteer hours were logged today in getting a stranded machine off the track and grooming afterward to clean up the track.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Finally; Got Groom.

It's true.  The Bauer Loops, as well as the Rush Creek Loop have been groomed.  Skiing ought to be noticeably improved as hikers had really pocked out the trail.  Mechanical difficulty kept us from getting more grooming done (watch out for the red snowmobile in the middle of the trail at the north end of the Upper Bauer Loop).  I'll keep you all posted on future grooming efforts.  Our next big effort will be to remove the stranded machine asap.

A total of 10 volunteer hours were logged today.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Tears of the Chicken

Sorry, but we had to pull the plug on grooming activities this morning.  We cannot groom water, in the liquid state that is.  We will keep a watchful, hopeful eye on the sky and the weather sites and will advise you all through this blog when more favorable grooming conditions present themselves. Until then...

Friday, January 13, 2017

Kiss the Chicken (on the lips. Yuck)

Yes, folks - it looks like another big Pacific Hot Wet Kiss headed straight for us.  The forecast calls for at least as much rain as snow over the next few days.  So.  Let's just see how it plays out. If the temperatures are too warm, we will not groom, and right now the weather service is calling for an overnight low right at the freezing point.
The current plan is for grooming to commence tomorrow (Saturday) morning about 9am.  If you are out skiing and you hear the groomers coming, please move all the way off the track so we may groom it in its entirety.  When the snow is soft it can be very difficult to steer the machines effectively so a clear path is a big help to us.  Thanks in advance.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Chicken Goes Flatline

Break out the paddles; red alert.  The rain is not helping at the ski area.  We had to abort an attempt at grooming when we realized the snow was the consistency of a two foot deep bed of ball bearings.  So the outermost ring of the Bauer Loops has been groomed, as well as the Rush Loop.  It was on the Rush Loop the full weight of the folly in which we were engaged sunk in.  I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say we beat a hasty retreat for the exit.

We will most likely sit back a bit and assess the impact of the incoming weather system - which looks to be warm and wet. Very.  Unless things cool off and firm up, grooming will take a brief siesta, unless otherwise notified via this highly questionable disseminator of information.

Peter and Phil put in 4 hours grooming (read: wrestling large, heavy hunks of steel and aluminum with sharp teeth, all while smiling and waving) before pulling the plug on the whole concept.  Plus an hours worth of repair work yesterday to bring us up to a total of 5 volunteer hours for this entry. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Fresh Groomage Friday

Good news, chicken lovers:  All trails currently open at the ski area were groomed today in anticipation of a busy weekend.  So get out there and enjoy all the hard work put in by Allen F and John G.

 That Map Again

Also, in case you forget to bring money to put in to the donation box, there are envelopes in the top section of the box which may simply be dropped in the box at your next visit (stuffed with hundred dollar bills, ha) or at the post office, as they are conveniently pre-addressed.  Someone suggested including a way to do this on the blog, and we can look into that.  It is not likely to happen this week or next, so please work with us on this and just pick up an envelope next time you ski.

Also, the blog is the sole source of information for Chicken Creek.  If you have comments, please feel free to leave them in the "comment" section.  My personal phone number is not intended as a "condition update hotline" unless you happen to be my mother (in which case I will gladly return the call.  Otherwise those calls get deleted. Sorry, but life is too short).  If you see no update on the blog, it means no grooming has happened, OR I haven't gotten to it yet.  Check back in the evening.  I do my best to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

Our fearless groomers logged 13 hours today spiffing things up at the area; and fetching fuel for the machines.