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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tastes Like Chicken

Really fantastic skiing up the Transfer road today.  The San Juan Sledders groom about 80 miles up in the forest there for snowmobiles.  The sun was getting after it, of course.  The track was considerably softer on my way out than it was going up.  I saw very few snow machines (2), only one fat bike rider ( I mean he wasn't, it's the tires), and no other skiers.  Oh yeah, and a dog sled team of 10 dogs and followed by a grinning woman.

I only saw one bare spot poking through this afternoon.  I'm guessing the weekends may be much busier in terms of motor-driven traffic.  If you go wear bright colors and watch out.  They go really fast.

Chicken gets demotion, Transfer

The Chicken got the short end of the snow stick this past storm cycle, and the bare spots are showing through already.

Kick and glide skiers should do just fine over the next couple days, but the warm sun is going to melt it out quickly.  Grooming activity is suspended for now, but keep an eye on the blog for updates.

Brad notified me last night (Wednesday) that the road to Transfer Campground was groomed last night.  Duty calls and I'm going to investigate that this morning.  I will report later with my findings.  That forest service road has little charm compared with Chicken Creek, but it beats driving to Lizard Head Pass for some skiing.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Poultry In Motion

Today the Bauer Loops got groomed again, just as things were warming up.  The snow falling as grooming commenced turned into something closer to rain by the time grooming was complete.  Still, the track is in decent shape and the skating was good, though a bit tiring due to the high moisture content of the snow.  Coverage is complete for now.  That may not last if things get any warmer.

We'll keep a close eye on the weather and groom some more if we feel conditions warrant it.  It was nice to see a full parking lot and plenty of people taking advantage of the snow today.  Hungry for winter, hungry for the Chicken.

Snow Kidding!

Kudos to Brad for getting on the fresh snow.  The skating was good - not perfect - but no complaints.  Only the Bauer Loops are groomed presently.  And as of last night - Saturday - there was about 2+ inches of snow on top of the groomed track; probably more than that now.  We will attempt to rally the troops and take advantage of this snow.  Stay tuned to the blog for more updates.